Monday August 17, 2015

Election season already?

The start of a new campaign cycle means new campaign stickers. Get a set of five 7” x 3” McCoy 2016 stickers in my online store.

A story from the 2012 election: my friend since elementary school, Brian Laing (now a doctor and huge ACA proponent), had been trying to gather volunteers for a phone bank in Santa Monica, to call up voters a few days before the election to make sure they knew their correct polling place, etc. I hemmed and hawed, and on the Sunday I said I might come Brian called me up. “So are you heading over?”

“Probably later, still out running errands.”

“Well Sam Waterston is here helping out.” And then Sam happened to walk by so Brian handed off his phone.

“Brandon,” Sam Waterston said to me, “Get your butt down here and help out!”

Brandon Bird

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