This exhibit was inspired by two things: Field trips to the Crocker Art Museum growing up in Sacramento (I was shocked to realize East Coast kids do not spend 3/4 of elementary school learning about the Gold Rush), and a ridiculous Ghostbusters book-on-tape that was so disappointing, it has stayed with me forever. The gallery audio tour is that exact tape, with no tinkering on my part.

Originally, I had grand visions of grand vista landscapes taking months to paint, but no, two weeks of work total is about all you need for a vaguely-conceived show hardly anyone will understand.

Participating artists were myself, Ming Doyle, Taryn Acosta, Kolb Ettenger, Jamie O'Keefe, Audrey Molinare, and Danielle Benson, with cake by Alexa Rose. The show ran from February 28 through March 4, 2005 in Cornell's Tjaden Experimental Gallery. View pictures from the opening here.

Philosopher, Scientist

A Man Named Sandy Doonze

Three Days and Three Hours

Riding the Plane

Ball of Mystery

A Friend Revealed?

Recreation of Minersville, Colorado

Portrait of Billy Fish

Tomorrow, They Come

Vaporous Apparitions

The Fire of '86

The Mother Load!