I like to organize weird art shows:

Sears Trip
2013 - ongoing

May 17 - 20, 2014 at Gallery Nucleus
Alhambra, CA

The JP Show (Just People)
co-curated w/ Julia Vickerman
December 2011, Gallery Nucleus
Alhambra, CA

These Are Their Stories
July 2010, Meltdown Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

Law & Order: Artistic Intent
May 2003, Santa Cruz, CA

The Norton Anthology:
Artwork Inspired by Edward Norton
April 2002, Santa Cruz, CA

Days of Boom and 'Bust
February 2005, Tjaden Experimental Gallery
Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Letters to Walken
December 2004, Risley College
Cornell University, Ithaca NY