For twenty years, the heroes of "Law & Order" have navigated literally hundreds grotesque tragedies, moral quandries, and improbable crimes.

Each piece is an artist's interpretation of a one-line episode summary from the DirecTV program guide (full list of titles artists could pick from). Like the series that inspired them, they are sometimes straightforward and sometimes offer a twist; sometimes they contain no easy answers, and sometimes they are just plain goofy.

"These are Their Stories" ran July 24 to 30, 2010 in Los Angeles. Here are a bunch of photos taken of the reception, courtesy of Love Ablan.

Click on the titles to see images and artist info. Prints of select images available here! If interested in purchasing original work, contact the respective artist or e-mail

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A Missing Boy is Found
       by Kate Beaton

An Egocentric Poet's Journal
       by Kate Beaton

Two Teens Disappear from a Museum
       by Dyna Moe

Detectives Look for a Racist
       by Dyna Moe

Victim Falls Off a Subway Platform
       by Lisa Hanawalt

A Complicated Murder Case
       by Brandon Bird

A Band of Teens Attacks a Piano Student
       by Scott C.

McCoy Attempts to Convict Two Bounty Hunters
       by Scott C.

Goren Takes on a Chess Master
       by Carly Monardo

Lawyer is Secretly a Stripper
       by Brigid McCabe

Killer has a Foot Fetish
       by Ben Walker

A Suspicious Nasal Spray
       by Dana Ness

Radiation Kills a Tormented Scientist
       by Lacy McCune

A Rich Man and His Very Young Daughter are Shot
       by Julia Vickerman

A Man is Murdered with a Saw
       by K Bonami

Death of a Bully
       by Box Brown

Race Becomes an Issue
       by Kagan McLeod

Detective Benson's Brother
       by Love Ablan

Fin Investigates a Rape
       by Jeff Ramirez

The Wife of a Once-Popular Singer (Gary Busey) is Found Dead
       by Chip Zdarsky

Detectives Investigate Claims of Voodoo
       by Alexa Rose

A Secret Society Obsessed with Death
       by Andy Warner

A Young Woman Escapes a Polygamist Cult
       by Michael Kupperman

Briscoe and Green Search for Lost Customer
       by Ellen Schinderman

Fontana and Falco in the Colorful World of Horse Racing
       by Jamie O'Keefe

Asian Girl's Smoldering Corpse
       by John Olsen

A High-Profile Hip Hop Producer
       by Aiyana Udesen

Feuding with the Mafia
       by Tyler Jacobs

Benson Combats Terrorist Activities
       by Sina Grace

Death Links to Ultimate Fighting
       by Christopher Hastings

Mysterious Homicides
       by David Malki

Sugar Daddy Suspected of Murder
       by Love Ablan

Autopsy Reveals Foul Play
       by Jing Wei

Copycat of a Serial Killer
       by Mark Bodnar

Ring Identifies Attacker
       by Nate Carle

Boy is Abducted
       by Nate Carle

Student Dies at a Party
       by Nate Carle

A High-Class Couple Disappears
       by Nate Carle

Woman Believes She is Clairvoyant
       by Saul Gray-Hilenbrand

A Woman Commits Suicide
       by Frank Galuszka

A Shy Man is Suspected of Murder
       by Jason Polan

Fraternity Closes Ranks During a Probe
       by Brad Wilson

Homeless Men are Murdered
       by Brad Wilson

A Pedophile Uses the Internet
       by Brad Wilson

Boy Scavenges for Food in the Garbage
       by Lacy McCune

Dentist's Murder
       by Lacy McCune

Psychic Vision
       by Noah Buchanan