Monday April 28, 2014

X-Mans: Origins

The “X-Mans” show is in just three weeks! But who or what are the X-Mans? I’ve brought together a group of highly-gifted individuals to transform, reinterpret, and expand upon some of the most iconic images in X-Men history…

… by which I mean, a coloring book I found in a dollar store ten years ago. Artists onboard include favorites like Jeff Ramirez, John Larriva, Ellen Schinderman, Erin Pearce, Julia Vickerman and Lacy McCune, plus a bunch of new recruits. The show will be on display in Nucleus‘ upper gallery from May 17 through 20 with a special Sunday afternoon reception May 18th. They’re more than X-Men. They’re X-Mans.

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Brandon Bird



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