Genuine plastic Thermos-brand lunchboxes (Made in America!), some of the last ever manufactured, available in "Eric Roberts" and "Gran Torino" styles. Perfect for holding your lunch, your art supplies, your Star Wars action figure collection, pretty much anything that can fit in an 8" x 7" x 4" box (image area on the front measures 7" x 5.25"). Click here for a huge in-detail look!

Eric Roberts Lunchbox
$22 + shipping


Gran Torino Lunchbox
$20 + shipping


Please note that these are not intended to be dishwasher-safe, and do not include drinking thermoses. Click here for info on shipping.

Images also available as signed art prints:

Eric Roberts signed print
Limited edition of 50
11" x 14"
$35 + shipping


Gran Torino Signed Print
Limited Edition of 50
20" x 16"
$45 + shipping