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I've been painting since the year 2000. Click on any image to see it full-size.

Most images can be purchased as high-quality signed prints in my online store. Reproductions on stretched canvas available from Gauntlet Gallery. For t-shirts and other goodies, visit

More work can be found in the Drawings and Themed Exhibits sections. And here's more about me.

Other things you may enjoy: the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set, T-mas cards, the "Law & Order" Coloring Book, SVU Valentines, and Letters to Walken.

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    Even more Paintings:


              The Darkness and the Light

              The Lesson of the Geese

              Fortean Norton

              Norton by Bird

              The Dreamer and the Dream

              Against the Brotherhood of Mutants!

              Prelude to the Magic Hour

              A Perfect Moment Braced in Time


              Of Bajor





              Those that Bind

              The Cosmic Egg

              Waiting for Adventure

              The Big Hurt

              No Love for Spidey

              The Last Supper

              Our Last, Best Hope

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