Sometimes I do things besides drawing and painting. Like organizing weird art shows and inventing strange products.

Latest project:

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Curated Art Shows:

      May 17 - 20, 2014 at Gallery Nucleus
      Alhambra, CA

      The JP Show (Just People)
      co-curated w/ Julia Vickerman
      December 2011, Gallery Nucleus
      Alhambra, CA

      These Are Their Stories
      July 2010, Meltdown Gallery
      Los Angeles, CA

      Law & Order: Artistic Intent
      May 2003, Santa Cruz, CA

      The Norton Anthology: Artwork Inspired by Edward Norton
      April 2002, Santa Cruz, CA

Intermedia ("Products"):


      The Nicolas Cage Adventure Set

      Henry Rollins whiteboard

      Paint-by-Number Kit

      SVU Valentine Collection

      Law & Order: An Adventure to Color

Risley Projects:

      Letters to Walken

      Days of Boom and 'Bust
      February 2005, Tjaden Experimental Gallery
      Cornell University, Ithaca NY