The Norton Anthology was a group show I organized in Spring of 2002. The theme of the show was Edward Norton.

Participating artists were: Angela Primavera, John Olsen, Jeff Ramirez, Danielle Benson, Katie Turner, Stian Rasmussen, Kiko Bracker, Dana Ness, Tom Robinson, Kim Solga, Nici Smith, Danielle Sublett, Ryan Bird, Darrin Bird, Thom Moyles, Jamie O'Keefe, Matt Babb, Casey Cochran, Rob Syrett, B.J. Winslow, Andy James, and myself.

Click the links on the right to see samples from the show.


Rescue of the Innocent

Fenestrated Norton

Timid Angel

Norton Study (No. 1)

Norton's Dreamhouse

American Norton

Quadratic Norton

Fallen Norton

No Love for Spidey

Day in the Life

Norgy Porgy Yorgy

Distortin' Norton

Where His Heart Will Take Him

The Many Faces of Edward Norton

Fortean Norton

Norton Defiant

Norton by Bird